Slice Life

UI design, mobile web development, learning design, & platform integration for Slice, a mom-and-pop pizzeria ordering app.


Slice Life Macedonia requested support from Swiss EP's Entrepreneurs in Residence for its app and platform: UX/UI design help, learning design, and platform integration with the NYC office.


Online pizza ordering in the US has been oligopolized by a few key companies: Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's etc. Because of this, local pizzerias and mom-and-pop pizza restaurants have suffered, losing business and sales. If these local, non-chain businesses fail, it directly and negatively impacts the local economy and employment.


Tapping into this in need market, Slice is a company that provides online ordering for local and small-scale pizzerias across the US. Slice provides a sleek user interface, simple user experience, and affordable rates for pizzerias looking to compete with the big franchises. Additionally, Slice provides real-human ordering access, full customer support, and delivery timeframes for customers. Slice will also cover returns, complaints, and auto-ordering for the shops using their service.

While the main office for Slice is in NYC, its call centers are located in Macedonia. With cultural differences and language barriers, the Macedonian campus needed help with mobile design elements, platform integration with the NYC campus, and internal learning platform development.


UI design, mobile and web development, cross-campus platform integration, learning design, team facilitation and teaching, design thinking workshops, and internal learning platform development.