Maverick Network

Market research & responsive web development for the Maverick Network, a remote design consultancy with members from the US, Europe, & Australia.


The Maverick Network needed a responsive landing page and mobile app as a convenient means for potential and current clients to schedule appointments via Typeform.


With the advent of new digital communications technologies, teams of marketers, designers, and developers can work together efficiently and effectively like never before. Teams can form companies, delegate tasks, communicate remotely, and accomplish tasks at a faster pace than traditional corporate settings.


The Maverick Network was created to serve as the organizational hub for a diverse team of digital freelancers. Under this banner, they can come together to cooperate on side projects, client work, and other technological tasks and needs. Using agile design and development methods, remote design thinking, cloud storyboard and design apps, and stand-up meetings, the team is able to work efficiently and effectively from all corners of the world and at any time of day.

The team works on UX research, UI design processes, rapid prototyping, and agile web development for a wide range of clients: freelancers, teams, start-ups, and small-to-medium sized companies. They have also implemented cryptocurrency payments and an open-source playbook for others to implement too.


Market research, UX research, UI and front-end web development, team facilitation, remote design thinking, business analytics, consulting, workshops and lectures.