Protocol development, UX research, UI design, & app development for Democracy², a 21st century digital democracy movement.


Futurist and author Jon Barnes asked for help redesigning a civic engagement platform for the 21st century - one that focused on community and application, rather than parties and tribalism.


Political polarization has taken place all over the world, halting important conversations and needed debates. Mainstream media and social media play into the divisiveness of our new reality, broadcasting news that create moral confusion, "fake news", and echo chambers. The ability to pick and choose our media sources is directly corelated with confirmation bias.


Using tools like SketchApp, Figma, and Adobe Creative Suite, we were able to build a responsive prototype application that mapped community passions, issues, and emotions with local groups and movements for change. Users share their civic thoughts and feelings and are able to either create an initiative regarding a specific issue, or join an initiative already in existence. Initiatives would be prioritized and then crowdfunded, working first on the issues that the largest number of people regarded as important.

Furthermore, using a delegative (liquid) voting model, users can elect the most competent and knowledgable civilians to represent an establishment (the local shop), a street, or a neighborhood. These people then represent until someone else passes them in votes or a predetermined amount of time ends.


Protocol design and development, UI design, UX research, interviews, and observations, app development, branding and marketing, and consulting.


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