CityZen App

UX/UI & Bitcoin integration for CityZen, an open source & privacy-by-default city companion app.


CityZen requested support for its city companion app: branding, community development, market research, UX/UI design, and cryptocurrency integration for use in its digital marketplace.


Online GPS and maps such as Google Maps, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and travel-focused apps like Airbnb and Waze all use our digital data. This data is used to track our every moves, purchases, and preferences in order to sell this detailed information to the highest bidding digital advertising company.


We designed an application with an intuitive layout, bringing together the functions of many different applications: online maps and GPS, dining and entertainment, marketplaces and stores, and secure and private payment systems utilizing cryptocurrencies. The app's mission is to provide the most accurate local information for your travels without tracking you. CityZen uses only open source code and applications, free of dependenices on proprietary sofware, especially the worst offenders of surveillance capitalism: Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

In continuous beta, CityZen is supported by an open source community from all over the world. The app hopes to provide a competitive alternative to the current data-mining apps that dominate our culture - an alternative that protects our privacy, history, and intimate daily activities.


Market research (investigating similar apps - both open source and proprietary systems), team facilitation and consultation, UX/UI design, business development, cryptocurrency integration, journey mapping, and front-end web development.