Michael Boland

Designer | Photographer

Hello, I'm Michael.

I'm a designer raised in the USA, educated in the UK, & currently living in Porto Chicago.

I've had the privilege to work with organizations such as Flux Studios, Knowmads, Unschool, Swisscontact, ASU, Gjirafa, Barclays, Slice Life, USAID, Kaospilot & more.

Currently, I'm a freelance UX and web designer, working primarily with freelancers, teams, & small businesses. Before this, I was an anthropologist & learning designer. My move into tech was a long time in the making, spanning years of school, travel, & late nights learning code.

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Latest Essays

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Selected Projects & Activities

Web UI, interaction design, UX, cryptocurrencies, product design
Fall, 2017

UI design, mobile-first design, web development, concept & branding
Spring, 2018

UI design, mobile/web development, learning design & platform integration
Winter, 2017

Incentive systems, game theory, interviews and observations, mobile interface design
Spring, 2017

Remote consulting - market research, landing page layout, web development
Fall, 2017

Abu Simbel, Egypt
Brighton, UK
Eastbourne, UK
Marrakesh, Morocco